RAISE FUNDS - I raise funds to buy and then install Emergency Bleed Control Kits, each currently costing £104, in our local communities.

To raise funds I (I use ‘I’ but am including all Liam’s family and friends), use the power of social media to get the message to as many people as possible who, by their kindness, donate to the Legacy.

You can also donate many items, as you would to any Charity Shop so that it

can be sold at special events.

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Find out about the incredible fundraising and awareness work Julie has been doing for the past few years following the death of her grandson Liam who was stabbed and tragically died in 2020.

We know we can’t tackle knife crime alone, so we empower educators with tools, resources and training to ensure knife crime prevention can reach every young person.

Knife crime is our country’s most pressing and serious problem.  We campaign to raise awareness of the issues and put knife crime on the agenda of policy makers.

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The purpose of the Legacy is to educate, demonstrate, raise funds for Bleed Kits

and raise awareness of all forms of knife crime.

Our Facebook pages will provide many insights into the various fund raising events we have been and continue to be involved in and the generosity of the donations we have received.

Welcome to The Liam Taylor Legacy website I am Julie Taylor the grandmother of Liam my beautiful 19 year old grandson who we lost to murder by knife crime on 31st January, 2020.

I am very proud of Liam’s Legacy but also totally heartbroken that his legacy exists.  Since his brutal murder I have worked non-stop campaigning against knife crime and violent crime.

I volunteer for both Essex Police and Metropolitan Police and travel long and short distances to tell Liam’s story and the devastation that murder leaves behind. We as the bereaved families do a life sentence, the perpetrator faces a prison sentence.

Please support me on my journey to help keep our youth safe.

Knife Crime Victim Support - by Quinton

IN ESSEX TODAY 30thOct 2021 - for what might possibly be the most challenging/emotional performance I’ve ever had to do. I was asked by a courageous and inspirational Woman called Julie Taylor, if I could write a Poem for her Grandson Liam who was tragically killed in a savage knife attack in January 2020. We spoke on the Phone, so that I could build a picture of the 19 year old, known as “Fish” by loved ones. Together we wanted to capture his personality and memories in a celebration of Liam’s Life. Today I’ll be joining the family including his Mum, Brothers and Sisters at a Candle Lit Vigil in Chelmsford to share it with them. I really do hope I’ve done it justice and it touches their hearts with warmth, sensitivity and compassion. The Tag line for my Charity is “Lift The Fallen, Restore The Broken and encourage the discouraged” and although sadly they’ll never get their Liam back… That’s exactly what I’m hoping to do in some small way.

'It's my calling to stop knife-crime killers’

By Helen Burchell

BBC News, Essex

After her grandson Liam was stabbed to death, Julie Taylor was determined to give a voice to victims of knife crime. Now she is taking her message directly to convicted prisoners.

Liam Taylor was 19 when he was stabbed to death outside a pub in Writtle, Essex on 31 January 2020.

Police said at the time that the attack on Liam - known to his friends as Fish - was believed to be in retaliation for an assault on one of the defendants - but later confirmed he had not been involved.

Three young men were jailed for life in August 2021 for his murder.

For the Taylor family, life changed forever. Liam's grandmother Julie, 58 vowed she would not let his

death "be in vain".   Now, she says, she has a "new calling" - visiting jails to talk directly to prisoners convicted of knife crime.

"I go into these places as a victim; a victim of the result of knife crime," she says.

"They have to know that what they have done will affect their victims' families for ever - it will never end.

"I tell them that every crime has knock-on effects and I tell them how it has, and still does, affect my family - Liam's family.

"I tell them about driving to the scene when I first heard my grandson had been attacked, when no-one could tell me anything.

"I tell them how I knew something terrible had happened as I was ushered away. I didn't know he was dead. I didn't know he had been murdered

"But then, afterwards... I knew all of these things."

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Liam Taylor


19-year-old Liam sadly died after being knifed outside a Writtle pub on a Friday night,  on

January 31, 2020.

Liam died at the scene, outside the Rose and Crown pub, from his injuries which included 2 stab wounds threw his heart.

The Liam Taylor Legacy has been founded in memory of Liam.